Sharron's Refrigerator Pickles

A sweet and sour pickle recipe that's quick and easy.

Deb's Gyoza

Pork gyoza are great for entertaining, as they don't take long to cook. They can be made ahead, frozen, and go right into the pan to cook. Check online for a video to see how to fold gyoza wrappers. It's not hard to do, its just putzie.

Deb's Lemon Aebleskivers

Lemon Danish pancake balls.

Garden Vegetable Beef Soup

This is my mother's versatile, hearty, vegetable beef soup recipe. This is a great recipe for when your garden is putting out a ton of veggies in the fall. You can also use canned items, but fresh is always best! Feel free to add other veggies like okra, green beans or whatever you like. You can even use wild game meat like venison in place of beef. Omit the meat and the soup base, add barley or beans, and you have a great vegan version!

Deb's Quick N' Easy Tortillas

Soft, tender tortillas made easy with your food processor. This is a quick, easy recipe for tortillas, that can be made ahead of time, or even while you are making dinner. Easy for kids to make too! Can be adapted for camping

Chipotle Chicken Copycat

My version of Chipotle Chicken. If you like it hot, dice up chipotle peppers slightly. If you like it REALLY HOT, mash them! This marinade works best if you cut large chicken breasts in half width-wise, and split the thick top portion to reduce the thickness of the meat. Chicken can be pan fried or grilled.

Deb's Senorita Bread (Filipino Spanish Bread)

My version of Senorita Bread from the Star Bakery in Vallejo, CA. It's not an exact copy, but pretty close. These rolls are small, delicately sweet, soft rolls, that melt in your mouth. LITERALLY! Beware, these disappear really quickly after coming out of the oven, and you may need to stand guard over them! I'm not kidding! You can bake ahead of time, leave on cookie sheet, take to a party, and reheat in oven for a few min at 350 degrees until warm.