Simple White Cake
Rating: Unrated
LovelyShawnda's rating

I was thorougly disappointed with this recipe. has never really let me down before, until I tried baking this cake. At first, it browned rather quickly but the middle of the cake wasn't done. It made me nervous to continue cooking it, but it was necessary. When I finally took it out, it was a little darker than golden brown on top and resembled a yellow color. This was NOT a white cake at all. It fell apart, despite the fact I greased the pan, and the best way to describe the taste is sweet cornbread. When I first tasted this "cake", it immediately took me to a time of tasting cornbread. I tried to salvage the situation by loading it down with icing but it still was not like any cake I've had before. I expected so much more from this recipe. A part of me knew that when using a whole egg there was no way it was going to be white to begin with, but I could live with that. But, none of me knew I'd spent time trying to make cornbread, basically. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is in the mood to have moist, delicious cake. If you are, then this is NOT the recipe for you.