Cathy Myers

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My husband Randy and I are very fortunate early retirees. We retired nearly seven years ago and have loved every minute. We now spend our days with our grandchildren, family and friends, traveling, volunteering our time to a variety of needs, sculpting and painting militaria figures (Randy), and of course COOKING! All thanks and praise to my fabulous daughter, Stacie, for introducing me to AR several years ago. I have grown as a cook through the friendships I have forged and advise that I have received from our fellow cooks on "the Buzz". The tools, videos and all of the Ar resources have been invaluable to me.The upcoming school year, 2012-2013, I will have just three classes, two first grades and a third grade class to share my self-made reading program. I am also very heavily involved with our school's PTA as Sudent Appreciation Chair, rewarding children for their kind and respectful behavior to their peers and school. I am truly blessed!

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