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Balsamic-Glazed Salmon Fillets

Rating: 4.5 stars 1591
Baked salmon fillets flavored with a balsamic, garlic, and honey glaze.

Best King Ranch Ever

Rating: 4.5 stars 47
A family staple meal that has been in the monthly rotation for several years now and is still asked for quite often. This is great either served with refried beans and chips as a Mexican dish or with corn and steamed green beans as a casserole.

Neo-Traditional Shrimp and Grits Meal

Rating: 5 stars 4
This recipe for shrimp and grits is a combination of suggestions from my friends with a few enhancements of my own. The result is a rich and flavorful shrimp and grits recipe that will have you saying 'Yum!' I know you want to add a ton of cheese and butter, but you have to trust me that you won't need it! I served this dish on Christmas morning with a light lemonade infused with strawberries and mint.

Instant Pot® Chicken Marsala

Rating: 4.5 stars 6
This chicken Marsala is inspired by a famous chain restaurant, but it cooks in the Instant Pot®. You will need the glass lid which can be ordered online.

Tex Mex Ultimate Carnitas Grilled Cheese

Rating: 4.5 stars 16
Carnitas, avocado, and cheese are layered between thick slices of bread and grilled with more cheese on the outside of the bread in this ultimate Tex-Mex grilled cheese.

Foolproof Rib Roast

Rating: 5 stars 1980
This simple rib roast recipe will be the centerpiece of your holiday table!

Breakfast Strata

Rating: 4.5 stars 61
My grandmother makes this every Christmas morning, and it's amazing. My husband hates eggs and he always has seconds, even my 1- and 2-year-old gobble this up. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Ingredients are forgiving; add your favorites or spice it up. Just make sure your veggies are not going to water it down.

Low-Carb Salisbury Steak

Rating: 4.5 stars 125
The steaks are full of flavor and are good on their own! Then you add the mushroom gravy and it's beyond delicious.

Shrimp de Jonghe

Rating: 4.5 stars 26
Shrimp casserole cooked with sherry, dry bread crumbs, garlic, and herbs.

Shrimp Versailles

Rating: 4.5 stars 40
Very rich and creamy. A real family favorite