hOwArD h

I'm 53 and haven't done much cooking which may be one of the reasons my wife decided to leave. I've had to learn to cook since then because restaurant food gets old very quickly. I get together with my kids once a week and we have dinner together at one of their apartments. My new apartment is so small that the hobbits living there before me had to find a bigger place. So far, my oldest daughter and I have been the only ones cooking but I hope to see the other kids jumping in to help. It's quite a treat to see someone enjoy something that you worked to make special.
Going to the grocery store is a lot like going to the zoo for me. There are so many beautiful types of food and spices that I still know so little about. It's exciting and challenging. I've got a small cookbook collection going and I enjoy reading them as well as cooking videos. Yes, I LIKE Martha Stewart.