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Debbie Allen

I love to cook and I love Allrecipes.com. I am a fulltime nurse in the operating room and am on call two weeks out of the month. I live with my husband, Tim and our 21 year old son, Luke. Our 27 year old daughter, Aimee ,is married and lives out of state. When I married 28 years, I thought I could cook, but Tim told me otherwise. For my mother, cooking was a chore, something to get done as quickly as possible, but for his mother, cooking was serious and something to take pride in. She is from South Louisiana and taught me to use spices liberally and to cook slowly. My younger sister has travelled extensively and lived abroad, so she has a very refined palate. When she moved home, she taught me to enjoy gourmet food and use fresh herbs, and I taught her how to cook southern food. She is now in culinary school and is a wonderful cook. It is very flattering that she considers me to be the better cook.