My Mom started me cooking as a young boy...maybe she thought I would be a bachler?? who knows...glad she did.

King Ranch Spanish Rice

This was my Dad's blue ribbon winning Spanish rice recipe as copied by my Mom. Recipe is well over 65 years old and was given to my Dad by one of the ranch cook hands that worked at the ranch house when he was in the Border Patrol working on the King Ranch.

Butter Balls (Christmas cookies)

These melt in your mouth family favorite Christmas cookie recipe is from my wife's Grandmothers' collection of recipes (who came from Germany with her husband and opened a bakery in Cleveland). These are super easy to make with or without nuts....plan on making 2 or more batches the first time...they won't last long...and they soon will be your favorite Christmas cookie too! We make them anytime the need for a delicious tasting cookie is wanted.

'Hot Sauce' Buds very best 'Bhut Jolokia'

a very zesty sauce made from the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) which has a very sweet, slightly fruity taste, and is an incredibly hot pepper.

Hot Sauce "Satin's Revenge Habanero"

This recipe originated from my own experiments. I was attempting to create the ultimate "home grown" hot sauce. I wanted good flavor coupled with good heat that could be used everyday for everything. I got tired of buying the small bottles of sauce at the store every week or two and decided to make my own. I usually grow a couple of dozen assorted habanero plants every year in my garden, so this recipe is the result of a couple years of experimentation. Enjoy, and by the way, you are allowed to make smaller batches!

Original Kumla Recipe from Mom

Rating: 4.5 stars 15
Swedish-Norwegian potato dumpling

no mess squash on the BBQ

This is the way my Dad cooked summer squash on the grill. I have modified it a bit over the years, but it continues to be a tasty-easy no-mess way to cook yellow squash and Zucchini on the grill to go with your burgers, steaks, or pork.

Easy Orange-cinnamon French Toast

This is a recipe a friend of the family made when I was a kid...many years ago. I have played with it over the years trying to reproduce it, and this is close enough. I used to make this (camp cook) for my hunting buddies before everyone went out into the wild wilderness hunting for the day...they loved it. At home it is still a frequent treat.

Bud’s (no peanut butter) Breakfast/Snack Bars

My wife does not like peanut butter, nuts, some dried fruits,(chocolate chips) so I have had to modify my recipe so she could take these tasty (healthy) snack bars to work also, and with as many substitutions available as imagination allows you can change the recipe to fit your on hand pantry items.

Bud’s Breakfast/Snack Bars

These tasty snack bars are ones I have made for years, and with as many substitutions available as imagination allows you can change the recipe to fit your on hand pantry items.