Growing up in a large family, and being accustomed to making large quantities of food, has created the challenge of cooking for one or sometimes two. It is only some times two because my husband is pescatarian which I get tired of on occasion :)

Perfect Corn on the Cob

Whether it is winter or just simply too hot do go out and grill, this corn on the cob (stove top) recipe works every time.

Crock Pot Family Meat Loaf

This meatloaf originated from my old Hamilton Beach crock pot recipe booklet. I have made it so many times because everyone enjoys it. All equally enjoy a sauce which 1) I don't know where it originated, and 2) is described in my 'Notes' section. Hope you enjoy. (Also, I have loved the point about using foil for ease of removal from pot...have used this hint for many crock pot foods.)