I am a busy professional who works 5 days a week at least 12 hours a day which makes coming home and cooking a hard thing even though I love it so much. My boyfriend usually does the cooking during the week and I usually do it on the weekends. We have complete opposite schedules which makes making meals sometimes a hard task. We both share the love of cooking and trying knew things and often watch the show "chopped" and play along. We sometimes even do a little game of chopped at the house when we find ourselves with some random ingredients and needing to make dinner. I am constantly on the road for work so eating a good meal for lunch is hard so I am starting to look for recipes that can be made for dinner and then used for lunch but doesnt need prep or heating as that is not possible in my car. Also recipes that are good for freezing. I am very into healthy but flavorful foods and I love to run. I have done an ultra- marathon, 5 marathons, and numerous halfs and countless 5ks and 10k