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Collin Burton

I'm a student at BYU studying molecular biology. I've only got another year and a half before I finish my undergrad work and then it's off to about 5 more years of grad school. I work at a call center that is really boring but pays the bills, but my favorite work is in a cancer research lab. I think the bench work skills I have there have helped to augment my desire and abilities in the kitchen. I picked up cooking when I was serving a mission for the Latter Day Saint church. I lived in Spain for 2 years where they don’t have a lot of pre-made food like the states. After buying a few pasta packets that had dismal tastes, I realized that I could easily make something similar but use fresh ingredients and it would taste a lot better. I also picked up a lot of Spanish recipes from the old Spanish women that I still love. I plan to take a cooking class in school this next fall. I hear it’s a great place for guys because the food is good and the girls in the class are really cute.