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D. Storm

I began cooking at a very early age. I can remember making cookies with my Aunt when I was very little. I think I really developed a love for cooking as I got older. This is partially attributed to survival of the fittest (my mother is an admitted lousy cook). I was determined not to have so-so meals for my family and that began my quest to becoming a wonderful cook. I do not believe in making anything from a box they have too many items I can't pronounce not the mention the amount of sodium. I am a stay at home mom and feel obligated to provide my family with the best food possible. I take a lot of pride in being able to make everything in my kitchen from scratch. I also feel it teaches my 18 month old son to enjoy the art of cooking and reap the benefits of hard work. Even at 18 months he loves to help me measure,mix and pour ingredients. Cooking for me is a big confidence booster. It feels good to make something from scratch with your own hands and it turn out well.

Christmas 2011

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