Collection by Nanny Cass

Yummy Lemon Coconut Loaf

Rating: 4.5 stars 155
This loaf is buttery, moist, and full of flavor. The sweet/tart lemon drizzle really puts it over the top. Enjoy!

Blueberry Pie Pops

Rating: 4.5 stars 19
These little pies are a huge hit at several Seattle bakeries, so I was inspired to make my own. Use a non-stick mini muffin pan to ensure the pies easily lift out of the cups after baking. Make your own crust, or use prepared refrigerated pie crust. Use fluted or straight-edged cookie cutters to cut out the pops. Vary the filling based your favorite pies. Cute and tasty wins the day!

Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins II

Rating: 3.5 stars 10
A moist white cake muffin with a wonderful strawberry cheesecake inside, and a crumb topping with pecans on top.

Mini Cheesecakes

Rating: 4.5 stars 1196
An easy yet special dessert that can be customized with favorite toppings.

Nutty Yogi Banana Muffins

Rating: 3 stars 1
Healthier than flour and sugar recipes, these muffins are naturally sweet, filling, egg-free, and protein-rich. Kid-tested and approved.

No-Bake Chocolate Chow Mein Cookie Clusters

Rating: 4.5 stars 22
Sweet, crunchy, delicious bite-sized cookie clusters that taste like candy.