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Collection by Mary Elizabeth

Grandma's Favorite Chicken

Rating: 4 stars 104
My Grandma used to make this chicken and it was my mom's favorite. It is very easy, quick, flexible, and delicious. You may add as many different veggies and any amount you want. The broth made from this is great to dip bread and butter; my brother loves to have it as soup. Yum!!!

Honey-Glazed Chinese Chicken

Rating: 4.5 stars 61
Marinated in a honey-sweetened teriyaki and hoisin sauce, this chicken bakes up moist and delicious.
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Daddy's Sloppy Soup

Rating: 4 stars 9
My dad makes this as a special treat when I come to visit. It's my all time favorite meal. It's a great way to warm up (and fill up) on a cold winter day. Don't forget the oyster crackers!

Oven BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Rating: 4 stars 597
Baked BBQ chicken drumsticks are smothered in a homemade BBQ sauce.

Eve's Chicken Quarters

Rating: 4.5 stars 104
Chicken leg quarters baked with rice in a creamy broccoli mixture. I dislike most convenience food recipes, but I feel that this one's a winner, as it's not only fast but healthy too!

Hunter Style Chicken Cacciatore

Rating: 4.5 stars 32
Traditional chicken cacciatore is brought to a new level with onions, peppers, mushrooms and red wine. This hunter-style version gives a heartiness and warmth that will satisfy any appetite! This recipe is inspired by the cacciatore that we enjoy from our favorite Italian restaurant. Serve over pasta with freshly-grated Parmesan and a green salad!

Classico® Chicken and White Bean Stew

Rating: 4 stars 4
This slow cooked stew recipe is similar to a Southwestern white chili. The refrigerated Classico® Light Creamy Alfredo pasta sauce gives it a creamy texture.
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Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner

Rating: 4 stars 68
Crockpot chicken, vegetables, and potatoes are simmered with creamy mushroom soup for a warm and hearty dinner in your slow cooker.

Chicken and Cheddar Biscuits

Rating: 4.5 stars 7
This homey comfort-food chicken and veggie dish features easy-prep Cheddar biscuits.

Crispy Rosemary Chicken and Fries

Rating: 4.5 stars 1348
This is a one pan meal that's in the oven in 15 minutes. Rosemary, garlic, and oregano create a mouth watering aroma. If using dried herbs in place of fresh, use 1/3 the amount. Potatoes are crispy like french fries, just serve with ketchup. Kids just love this!

Roasted Herb Chicken and Potatoes

Rating: 4.5 stars 342
Arrange the potatoes, onions, and whole chicken in a pan, season with a piquant Kikkoman Soy Sauce mixture, and let the oven do the rest!
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Southwest Black Bean Chicken Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 87
The mix of flavors and textures in this soup are a treat. Its great for the slow cooker on busy days. I serve it with corn muffins and a dollop of sour cream.