Sandra Holding

Like many other cooks, I was inspired by a mother who didn't cook very much. In her defense, she was a single mom who worked a lot. I began cooking at age nine. Then, starting in 6th grade I started taking Home Economics until I graduated from high school. It was my idea of an easy A. And as a stay-at-home mom, I watched every cooking show I could. Add to that a 30 year career in the restaurant business...well, by now I have butter running through my veins! My grandma on the other hand was a fabulous cook. She made Ranch dressing before it was in the grocery stores!
No Bake Energy Balls
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Great recipe. I doubled it and instead of honey used black strap molasses and Agave syrup, I then added dried cranberries and whole flax seeds as well as ground flax seeds. Delicious and nutritious!