Joseph Paul Hanes

Pfeffernusse Cookies
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Like others who have tried this I made some changes. I switched the margarine for butter, and added about a quarter tsp more pepper. I did not add the anise extract to the flour and spice mixture. I added the extract to the eggs and whisk them together before tempering the eggs into the still hot sugar mixture. I let the dough sit in the fridge nearly 24 hours. It makes about 7 or 8 dozen cookies close to the size of a silver dollar. The dough was like thick cake batter, but cooled to something like cold nougat. It was a little sticky as it warmed up, so just be patient and put it back in the fridge to cool down if you have to. I baked them about 13 minutes on waxed paper. To be sure they don't stick to the paper let them cool 2 mins then carefully ( they will be very soft until they cool completely) remove them to another sheet or plate to cool. When I make these again I may experiment with white pepper, or maybe even dried chilis.