Tina Nielsen Yeagley

I have been married for 12 years. I have two girls, and three boys. My family is the most important thing in the whole world to me. As for my cooking profile, I have been cooking since I was 10 and joined the 4-H. As a young teenager I started making cakes and pastries from scratch, something my mom never did. When I got in High School I took all the cooking classes that I could. A couple of years ago I became a Pampered Chef Consultant. Cooking is so much fun for me. If Full Time Mother wasn't my career, I'd love to own my own bakery.

Jason's Favorite Sloppy Joe's

This is one of my husband's favorite meals. I am picky about Sloppy Joe's, but I have worked this recipe to the point that I really love it, too. I don't measure my ingredients when I make this recipe, I just put in the amount that looks good to me, so it tastes slightly different almost every time. I have put the approximate measurements that I use in this recipe, but after a couple times making it, you probably won't need to measure either.