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I've decided to add a COOKING TIP occasionally, so keep an eye out for them!

TIP - To get bits of eggshell out of your raw egg, use a large part of the broken shell to scoop it out. The shell cuts right through the white and makes it effortless! TIP - If you need somewhere to rise your bread on a cold day, put your loaf in a cold oven and place a tray of boiling water on the tray beneath and close the door. The steam will help the dough rise and be out of sight from kids and pets. TIP - If you have a recipe that creams butter and sugar until pale and are adding zest, make sure to add the zest with the butter at the creaming stage. The batter will hold the taste of the zest very well as it's incorporated at this beginning stage.

Smooth Chia Protein Pudding

The flavour of your smooth chia pudding depends upon the flavour of your protein powder!

Easy Scones

Only four ingredients are needed for this recipe. Flour, baking powder, lemonade and cream! Make sure the lemonade hasn't been opened before you use it in this recipe. I like to add chocolate chips, or dried fruit to this recipe.

Basic Plain Cake

I use this for cupcakes, or any other time a plain white cake is called for. It's great as a base for flavoured cakes.

Hot Apple Sponge

This hot apple sponge is a regular star for an easy dessert and it's perfect served with custard, cream or vanilla ice cream. It's so easy, and you can substitute for the fruit of your choice.

Easy Cookies

Quick, simple and all-in-one! Jam drops, sugar cookies, chocolate bikkies - you name it!

Tasty Ground Beef

This tasty ground beef can be served with warm tortillas, tacos, over pasta or on hamburger buns. Use it in enchiladas or chimichangas! The ingredients are always in my pantry and kids love this with shredded cheese. Australian measures are used.

Toffee Apples

An Australian Treat! Delicious seasonal apples coated in a hard, red toffee that sends your taste buds into overdrive! Great for fetes, fundraisers and birthday parties.

Traditional English Pickled Onions

Rating: 4 stars 13
Serve with cold ham, bread and cheese. Made with dark malt vinegar and stored for at least 6 weeks before eating.

Yummy pikelets

These pikelets are thick and fluffy. With your choice of jam and whipped cream they become out of this world!!