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My name is Andrea and I am officially a stay at home mom to three very busy boys (Cameron 6, Connor 4 and Ethan 19mos). I say this as up until the end of my mat leave in July 2008, I worked full time for a large telecommunications company for over 13 years. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for 10 years now. I never really enjoyed cooking too much while growing up, it was more of a chore. Once we got married, I slowly began 'dabbling' in some recipes. As the time has progressed, I have to say that it is now something I truly enjoy. I could sit and read cookbooks (or Allrecipes.com!) for hours and love to try out new recipes. With quite a hectic lifestyle and three very busy boys, I don't devote the time that I would like to, but am trying to take advantage as much as I can while I am home with them!

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