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Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup

My friend's mother from the Ukraine taught me this recipe. It's as authentic as it gets. It can be served vegetarian style by omitting the sausage.

Portuguese Muffins - Bolo Levedo

Rating: 5 stars 26
These are tasty English muffin-like breads from Titia Teolinda in St Micheal, the Azores. They're baked on a griddle, like pancakes.

Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 469
A delicious and hearty version of Eastern Europe's classic beet soup.

Zesty Cabbage Soup

This is a super easy recipe for a low calorie, big in flavor cabbage soup. The diced tomatoes with jalapenos add an extra kick.

Patti's Mussels a la Mariniere

Rating: 4.5 stars 341
This dish is reminiscent of dining in an outdoor cafe in the south of France. Serve with crusty bread, and a nice chilled glass of white wine. This exact recipe can also be used for clams.

Squash Medley Sautee

I just love the varieties of squash available in the summer. Pattypan, Mexican, Zucchini, Summer squash are used in this recipe. Feel free to use whatever squash you have handy.