Glenda Beall

Boling is small rural community in Texas. In my town, it is not unusual for to hear cars roaring down the highway, cows lowing plaintively, roosters crowing, and coyotes yammer at night. As I sit on my patio, hummingbirds buzz about the feeders, and bluebonnets spread their azure blanket over the cool green grass.

Currently, I teach high school English. Studying the history of English helped me to see the amazing progress of food dishes beginning from the Dark Ages until now.

Several years ago,my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.I scrapbooked all her handwritten recipes. The book ends with a journaling entry I wrote in tribute to my Mom and her cooking. I am grateful to her legacy of showing love through cooking. She gave this attribute to me.

Mom and my grandmothers' cooking skills were highly thought of in their small Hispanic community. People looked forward to being invited over for tamales, tortillas, raspas, and atole. My favorite memories are the pungent smell of tama

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