I live to cook not cook to live! I am a homemaker and I have been married for 27 years of my 45. I have a daughter 24 and a son 25. My son loves to come home with his wife and daughter every chance they get to eat and my daughter loves to come home every chance she gets to be in the kitchen with me and invent new recipes. I have been working on a cook book for years. It is taking so long because most all of my recipes are in my head and in order to get them down on paper I have to make it and measure everything because when I cook I never measure anything. I am known in my community as a cooking diva. I am constantly in my kitchen making up new things and then taking to my neighbors or to the local store or other places for people to try and give me their honest opinion. They let me know if I should add it to my cookbook or not. I guess most people would consider me nuts because they have never had anyone go around giving out free gourmet food before.