Collection by Sunshine

Breakfast Crepes

Rating: 4.5 stars 195
A delicious and simple recipe for the morning. May be served with butter, sugar, jam or chocolate spread. Enjoy!

Fabulous Frosted French Toast

Rating: 4.5 stars 39
Warm French toast topped with a cream cheese frosting. This is a reduced-fat version of what my sister serves for breakfast whenever they have company. It is incredible!

French Breakfast Puffs

Rating: 4.5 stars 52
'Rather than serve typical pastries, I like to make these light tender treats when I have guests at breakfast,' writes Kimberly Flora from Peru, Indiana. 'Everyone enjoys their sweet cinnamon and sugar coating.'

Dessert Crepes

Rating: 5 stars 1182
Perfectly thin crepes with crisp edges for a fancy breakfast or dessert.

Megan's Granola

Rating: 5 stars 1307
My daughter and I came up with this recipe and it is absolutely wonderful. Several of my children who typically don't care for granola, loved it. I've tried many granola recipes and this tops them all. Enjoy!

Simple Scones

Rating: 5 stars 2981
Tender scones made with butter and sour cream, packed with juicy raisins.

Fluffy Pancakes

Rating: 5 stars 16864
A stack of tall, fluffy pancakes with maple syrup makes the best breakfast.