When I prepare a recipe from this site I always make it exactly as it is written. A fair review is based on the actual recipe itself not "I added this or I added that". After preparing and reviewing, I will tweak it to my own taste, but I do not consider doing this prior to the review. When reading reviews written by other cooks I appreciate a pure opinion based on the actual recipe. Recipes in a cook book are fair game though. I experiment and play with them to suit me. If I can squeak in extra time in the kitchen I am thrilled. My desk is always cluttered with cookbooks and recipes just waiting to be kitchen tested. My favorite past time for years has been to sit down with a good cookbook and learn something new. Lately, my goal has been to cook with a food item that I have never used before. It's amazing after all these years that the "new to me" food list could be so long.