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Updated Shepherds Pie

Rating: 4.5 stars 129
An easy shepherd's pie made with lean ground beef has a light but flavorful layer of creamy mashed potatoes on top.
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Black Bean & Beef Empanadas

Rating: 4.5 stars 7
Empanada dough is filled with a tasty combination of ground beef, onion, black bean soup and queso fresco and is baked until golden perfection. They're loaded with flavor and guaranteed to become a weeknight favorite.
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Empanadas de Tomate, Queso, y Albahaca (Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Empanadas)

Rating: 5 stars 2
Vegetarian empanadas are ideal for those on a vegetarian diet, or for those just wishing to cut down on their meat intake. These empanadas have a delightful filling of mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil, making them light yet filling and a tasty, easy option for feeding family and friends.

Empanadas de Pollo (Easy Chicken Empanadas)

Rating: 4 stars 6
Transform your leftover cooked chicken into these tasty empanadas. This delicious, crispy, and tender Mediterranean-inspired finger food is easy to make!

Argentine Meat Empanadas

Rating: 4 stars 123
My original version of the Argentinean recipe for empanadas. Rich and delicious. Any meat can be used for this recipe, just be sure to cut it up into tiny pieces.

Classic Empanadas

Rating: 5 stars 5
These classic empanadas are ubiquitous all over Argentina. Filled with minced beef, hard-boiled egg, green olives, and potatoes, they make a filling snack or packed lunch treat.

Jamaican Beef Patties

Rating: 4 stars 252
Moist curry-flavored ground beef wrapped in buttery, flaky pastry dough.

Chef John's Fried Sweet Plantains

Rating: 4.5 stars 22
Learn how to cook sliced plantains until golden and sweet with this easy recipe. I think when you pair these with a plate of black beans and rice, you're talking about a super simple, very frugal, and very delicious dinner. I really hope you give them a try soon.

Nigerian Jollof Rice with Chicken and Fried Plantains

Rating: 5 stars 5
This traditional Nigerian dish brings out the best possible flavor of rice and chicken. Chicken is first sauteed on the stove top to produce a wonderful aromatic base for the rice. For an extra special and authentic touch, serve jollof rice with fried plantains.

Tostones (Fried Plantains)

Rating: 4.5 stars 135
A Puerto Rican side, usually served with rice and beans in our family.

Patacones de Colombia (Fried Plantains)

Rating: 5 stars 3
These are fried plantains that have been smashed and fried a second time. It is essential you use very ripe plantains. This recipe is straight from my Colombian mother-in-law. Enjoy!

Carbonada Criolla Mini Empanadas

A flavorful Argentinean beef and vegetable stew is cooked in a slow cooker and then used as filling in mini empanadas.