Loa Ledbetter

I have been cooking/fiddling in the kitchen as long as I can remember. I learned all the basics from my mother and grandmother. As a teen, I expanded through 4-H into international dishes, and learned to enjoy trying new things. Now I like to experiment on my own, utilizing a lot of fresh herbs for flavor.

White Chocolate Bubbling Cauldrons

These white chocolate lava cakes take on a Halloween transformation with a little candy coating and imagination. I use Wilson's Candy melts in Halloween colors, but if you can't find green or black, gel food coloring added to white melts works great.

Cajun Cheese Ball Appetizer

This is a cajun twist on the Party Cheese Ball my family loves.

Party Cheese Ball

This is a creamy cheesy delight with a blue cheese bite, that has been a hit in my family for years.

Christmas Honey Peanut Wreaths

This is my holiday take on the Great American Peanut Blossoms by Hershey. Using Honey Roasted Peanut Butter makes a sweeter cookie, and using hollyberry decor makes them look like little wreaths.

Black & White Buckeyes

Creamy peanut butter centers double dipped in a combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate. These are great to make with children (10 & up), and the extra hands are a plus for you.