Broccoli, Pepperoni and Three Cheese Calzones
Rating: Unrated
TheEFAF's rating

My husband tried making these exactly as written. He mentioned that there was too little flour in the dough as it was just a sticky mess and constantly stuck to the table. Later, after prepping the insides, he found that there was not enough filling for each calzone as written - he only had enough for four. So he split the filling up for all the dough he had. While the dough tasted great, that was pretty much all there was. Each calzone had a pitiful amount of filling inside to a big mound of dough, and all it tasted like was overwhelmingly pepperoni. If I hadn't read the recipe I would have been wondering if there was any cheese or broccoli. We ended up dipping it in sauce as it was too dry. We'll make calzones again, but definitely not this recipe. Also, I'm not sure why this recipe says "salt and pepper to taste". Do you really think this needs any salt and pepper since there's already pepperoni in it? Who just puts salt and pepper on everything they eat?