Easy Marinated Pork Tenderloin
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Brian's rating

I tried this recipe for Mother's Day dinner, although made it slightly different staying with all other steps. I used more garlic, and crushed it directly into the bag 4 medium cloves. What can I say, I'm Italian?! I used Bragg's Liquid Amino which is a soy alternative and helps cut down the salinity of the meal. Average lite soy sauce is about 700 mg/ tblsp. Braggs is 160 per 1/2 tsp so 320 per tblsp. I used Gulden's spicy brown mustard 2 tblsp, and 1 tblsp honey Kenny's Virgin Honey out of NM. I used no salt or pepper. I cooked them on the grill medium heat basting with the left over marinade about 20-30 minutes (just make sure to check temp or cut to check it's gray throughout). My mother-in-law and wife gave the pork a 20 out of 10, and said it was the best pork I've made, and that they've tried to date. I've written the recipe down, and as most have said will keep in the rotation. Goes great with grilled mushrooms, zucchini,squash, and corn on the cob!