Erin C David

Hello! My name is Erin. There is a lot to know about me, but I'll keep my story pointed toward my journey into and through cooking.
Growing up, food was not important to me. I appreciated good food and disliked bad, but that's about as deep as it went. I never sought to learn to cook. My mother is/was a very busy woman and the idea that someone would spend ridiculous amounts of time in the kitchen seemed silly and wasteful to me. The best cooking I knew of was my grandmother's - which was centered around the fine art of cooking everything in fat, from butter to bacon grease.
Then I got married... if ever there were a test of love it was my husband suffering through my "trial and error" approach to food. It was painful, to put it mildly.
Over time (and hours of watching the food network) I gained understanding and confidence. I found that good cooking was not as far out of my reach as I previously assumed. I've been doing better and better ever since.
And so the journey continues...