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Reese's® Chewy Chocolate Cookie

Rating: 4.5 stars 34
Chewy chocolate cookies dotted with delicious peanut butter chips. These cookies work well as ice cream sandwiches and can also be made into bars.
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Frozen S'mores

Rating: 4.5 stars 3
Happy campers of all ages will love Frozen S'mores. (Ice cream stands in for the marshmallows used in the original campfire treat.) Take time to freeze this dessert after spreading the chocolate sauce on the first and second layers of graham crackers. If you don't, you'll lose those sharp, clean lines. The recipe calls for vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but try any flavor that complements the graham crackers and chocolate.

Hot Fudge Sundae Dessert Bars

Rating: 5 stars 201
Just like the famous ice cream dessert. Very yummy.