Healthy Smoothies

Collection by Sandra Crowell

Banana Blueberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Rating: 4.5 stars 5
A delicious mix of banana, blueberries, peanut butter, your choice of whey protein, a dollop of vanilla yogurt, and nonfat milk. Great for after a strenuous workout with enough protein!

Heart Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Rating: 4 stars 10
This is a fantastic smoothie if you're searching for something that is heart-healthy and antioxidant-rich!

Green Power Mojito Smoothie

Rating: 5 stars 62
This tart, satisfying, and delicious smoothie disguises healthy greens with a taste similar to a mojito!

Heavenly Blueberry Smoothie

Rating: 4.5 stars 169
This blueberry smoothie is to die for! It tastes so good, you forget that it's good for ya!

Overnight Oats Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Rating: 4.5 stars 21
I combined overnight oats with blueberries, banana, and almond vanilla milk and turned it into a yummy blueberry smoothie bowl! Top with whatever seeds, nuts, or berries you enjoy!

Caribbean Health Drink

Rating: 4 stars 16
Full of vitamins and minerals.

Spinach and Banana Power Smoothie

Rating: 5 stars 79
Enjoy this vegan banana spinach smoothie with soy to power up your day.

Beet and Berry Smoothie

Rating: 4.5 stars 7
Juicing and making fruit and veggie smoothies is a wonderful way for your body to get those nutrients it needs during the day. This smoothie has some great flavors in it and is healthy for you!

Sweet Beet Smoothie

Rating: 5 stars 1
Delicious and nutritious beet smoothie to get your blood flowing.

Antioxidant King

Rating: 4 stars 1
This is my favorite smoothie with many health benefits. It looks great and tastes the same. The avocado gives it a real creamy texture.