I started cooking for the family when I was 14 years old, Mom would tell me what to make and leave the recipe out for me to follow (had taken Home Ec. in jr. high). I've been cooking ever since and enjoy sharing my recipes and creation with anyone who likes to eat!

Grandma's Baking Powder Biscuits

Rating: 4.5 stars 226
This is my grandmother's biscuit recipe. It is my all time favorite and has a really good flavor to it. Be sure not to roll out to thin, you want high biscuits! I usually just pat out the dough to the desired thickness, usually 1/2".

Chutney-Chicken Spread

Received from my husband cousin.

High-Humidity Decorator Icing

I received this recipe from my sister-in-law. I've never had any problems with this icing melting, not even sitting outside in 100 degree weather! Easy to make, not overly sweet and easy to decorate/ice with. Enjoy!

ziploc omelet

Make your own personal favorite omelet along with 6 to 8 of your friends, in your own ziploc bag! Put a variety of ingredients out to add to make your own omelet. Nice to serve with fresh fruit and coffee cake