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A copywriter, editor, and translator by trade, Nadia Hassani has written about many different food topics, from hands-on instruction like how to make almond paste from scratch to articles summing up everything you need to know about an ingredient like urfa biber. Before Nadia immigrated to the United States from her native Germany, she lived and worked in several other countries. This experience combined with fluency in several languages has provided her with in-depth knowledge of cuisines and cultures.

Experience: Nadia Hassani's career in food writing began in 2004 with the publication of her German regional cookbook Spoonfuls of Germany. Nadia's contribution to Allrecipes started with her work as an editor for Allrecipes International, including for the German-language Allrecipes website and Allrecipes UK & Ireland. She's turned countless dishes from a wide range of cuisines into easy-to-follow, accessible recipes for American home cooks.
One of her recipes was included in "The Immigrant Cookbook" (Interlink Publishing, 2017). Her food writing has been featured in Saveur, Fig Bethlehem, Food 52, and elsewhere.

Education: Nadia holds a master's degree in Middle Eastern studies and a minor in French literature and international public law from the University of Bonn.

Fun Allrecipes Question: My favorite recipe on is Cream Corn Like No Other. When it's peak season, I buy lots of farm-fresh corn and freeze the kernels just to make this dish. The local corn I get is so sweet there's no need to add sugar, but otherwise I follow the recipe exactly.

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