Emily Boyette

Emily Boyette

Emily Boyette is a highly qualified editor within the food media industry. She has worked with over 10 well-known brands to produce quality content. From galleries and listicles to recipe manuscripts and articles, her knowledge of cooking goes beyond text. She has over five years of experience in the culinary field and eight-plus years of experience in the editorial space.

Emily is passionate about all things cooking, food and editorial. She is motivated by storytelling. She is an Associate Food Editor for Bauer Media Group and is a writer for Allrecipes. She is proud to have worked on a video compilation project for Allrecipes which featured other Meredith brands including Southern Living, Better Homes & Garden, Food & Wine, MyRecipes, and EatingWell.

In college at North Carolina State University, Emily was an agribusiness management major. She learned a great deal about economics and how to run a business from the bottom up. She was also a writer in the school newspaper, The Technician, and an active sorority member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Ever since she created a food column in the features section of her college newspaper Emily fell in love with writing. Editorial writing is definitely a creative outlet that has grown to become her career.

Through working in kitchens, Emily has grown passionate about creating and developing recipes from scratch and learning the science behind why things happen. She has since created her own recipes and finds joy in freelance work. Emily has worked on several video shoots where she assisted in food styling, learning different techniques to get the most beautiful shot.

Emily loves seeing her work come to life on the front end and putting her ideas into action to see them play out in reality. She is proud of her creative, abstract, sky is the limit mindset that has led to her success. She can't live without a lemon juicer! No matter what other tricks she has tried (squeezing a lemon in between tongs) nothing gets the job done quite like a juicer.

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