Adam Hickman

Adam Hickman

Expertise: Adam Hickman is a culinary expert that spent a decade of his kitchen life testing and developing recipes for the nation's largest brands. With over 4,000 recipes under his belt, he is no chump when it comes to crafting quality recipes and finding the right balance of ingredients to fit.

Adam takes basic flavors and foods and coaxes out all they can provide with smart techniques that save time and effort. He has a never-ending desire to take what is good and turn it great, using techniques that are simple and repeatable by home cooks. Pretty much the only food Adam doesn't like is grapefruit (it's a long story).

Education: From his first culinary classes in high school, Adam knew he wanted to pursue cooking professionally. He received a culinary arts degree from Johnson & Wales University in Miami. After culinary school, Adam rounded out his education with a degree in business management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Experience: Along with food, Adam is a lover of honey, and became a certified Master Beekeeper in 2019. He runs Foxhound Bee Company to support beekeepers and the public who want to know more about bees and the honey they make. He loves to share his appreciation and knowledge through honey tastings where Adam shares varieties and flavor profiles from all different states and countries. Even food professionals are shocked by the difference in colors and flavors, made completely by bees. In addition to being an expert on food and recipe development, Adam can answer all things bees.

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