June 07, 2017

Two things immediately popped into to my mind at the mention of ZIMA. One: I vaguely remember it being the butt of a really funny joke in an episode of Entourage. And two, Entourage can make fun of it all it wants, but that stuff was bleeping delicious. (At least that's what my twenty-two year old self would say.) And now the ZIMA party is about to get re-started: MillerCoors has announced that the lemon-lime adult beverage is about to go on sale again "nationwide, where adult beverages are sold." Find it at a store near you starting July 4th through Labor Day—or until it's gone, whichever comes first.

ZIMA is back July 4th—get it while it lasts! | Image by Miller/Coors

Basically the whole summer is going to be one long throwback, so dig up the mixed tapes, put on a choker (those are back in style, so they shouldn't be too hard to find), and tie a flannel around your waist. The only question is who will be responsible for the early-morning booze run on the 4th to ensure you have a festive holiday that Entourage would find funny, and my twenty-two year old self would find oh-so delicious. No info is available yet on where to get it -- but keep an eye on Zima's Facebook page for possible updates.

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