Zaxby's Just Added Boneless General Tso's Wings to Their Lineup

Get it for a limited time.

All the way back in 21019, Popeyes unveiled a menu item that launched a chicken sandwich arms race among America's fast food chains. It's way too early to make any sweeping declarations about chicken trends for 2021, but it seems like the unexpected introduction of Asian-inspired flavors could be one of them.

Case in point: Zaxby's, a chicken finger and wing purveyor with locations across the country has introduced a meal of General Tso's sauced boneless wings, combining the best of southern eating and far eastern-inspired flavor into one delicious package. Availed as a limited-time special, the boneless meal combines five boneless wings with a side of crinkle-cut fries, Texas Toast (for additional tasty carbs), plus ranch dipping sauce, celery (for your health), and a fountain drink of choice.

zaxbys general tsos wings

It probably seems wild that Zaxby's of all places is incorporating a General Tso's sauce to its menu. However, the previous existence of egg rolls on their menu suggests this isn't the first time they've tried their hand at (Americanized) Chinese food. Ordering General Tso's from an Athens, Georgia-based chicken chain might not scream authenticity, but it's worth pointing out that the dish was never actually eaten by the general in question, so you can argue that it's a bit of a moot point.

Of course, those who would rather just avoid General Tso's entirely can opt to have these boneless wings tossed in any of Zaxby's other sauces (Teriyaki perhaps? Maybe a Wimpy sauce?) at no extra charge.

Don't wait, though, as these General Tso's boneless wings will only be around for a limited time. Once that's up, you'll have to go back to ordering Chinese takeout. Which, as far as problems go, is pretty much not a problem at all.

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