By Leslie Kelly

Hummus has come a million miles from its original state of ground garbanzo beans seasoned with olive oil, garlic, tahinni and lemon juice. These days, clever cooks play around with the basic bean dip, adding spices and colorful veggies that redefine this creamy creation. Hummus made with beans beyond chickpeas have become a big deal. Why? Because they're protein-packed -- so satisfying -- and super delicious. Here are some top-rated hummus variations that will make you a dip-making super hero.

Beyond Garbanzos

These gems draw their strength and inspiration from beans that are not traditionally used in hummus and the results are 5-star spreads that have a distinctly different flavor.

Photo by chachachica

So Colorful

These gorgeous versions make it easy to the "eat the rainbow" (aka get more veggies in your belly). Bravo to the brilliant cooks who thought: "I'm gonna try tossing some sweet potato in my hummus and see what happens!"

Photo by lutzflcat

Hot Stuff

The beauty of hummus is that it's such a blank canvas, adapting well to all sorts of additions and tweaks. Turn up the heat and it transforms from mild to fiery, while still staying so scoop-able. These high heat versions are best served with a contrasting cooling collection of veggies for dipping. Think sliced cukes, zucchini or butter lettuce leaves.

Photo by lutzflcat

Watch this short video on how to make Chef John's Green Hummus:

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