This just in from Science: Hanging with sober friends makes you feel drunker than you actually are.

That's a conclusion from a BMC Public Health study in Cardiff, Wales. As reported in Ars Technica, scientists followed a bunch of bar-hopping boozers around town. They asked the drinkers to estimate how drunk they were. Then they analyzed their blood alcohol levels, using Science...and compared the results.

Flight of Beer
Photo by Meredith

Perhaps not surprisingly, self-assessments on drunkenness were wholly unreliable. What's interesting, though, is that when surrounded by drunk people, drunk people claimed to be more sober than they actually were. No way I'm as trashed as these wasters! Conversely, when surrounded by the sober, they felt more drunk than reality revealed.

Bottom line: When you're inebriated, don't trust you; you're not a reliable source. Also, consider drinking with the sober: You'll feel more intoxicated on less booze -- your liver and bank account will thank you.

The study was published in BMC Public Health.