You Can Get Paid $500 to Eat Pizza and Watch Netflix

Turns out we all have marketable skills.

Over the past year, most of us have had a lot more (well, too much) unexpected free time. For the highly motivated, the pandemic has offered unexpected opportunities to brush up on some marketable skills and pad their resumes. For the overwhelming majority of us, the main skills we've brushed up on in the past year include pizza eating and binge watching.

There's no shame in it if that happens to describe what you've been up to — especially now that at least one particular job listing considers ordering pizza and picking something on Netflix to be highly coveted skills.

In celebration of National Pizza Day on February 9, Bonusfinder says it'll pay people $500 to essentially eat a ton of pizza and review some bingeable Netflix shows. Seriously: they're hiring what they refer to as a "professional binge watcher" whose job it is to judge both Netflix original series and pizzas.

Close-up of pepperoni pizza
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Essentially, the task is to review three series (list available at the job description), most of which are Netflix originals. Your job is to evaluate those for their "story and plot lines, 'Netflix and Chill' suitability, acting quality and cheesiness, [and] satisfaction of episodes and series endings." Basically, that boils down to whether you'd recommend these shows to a friend and why.

The pizza won't escape your scrutiny, either. Though there doesn't seem to be any stipulations as to where you must order pizza from, you'll evaluate its appearance, color, texture, taste, toppings, flavor, and "cheese gooeyness," plus the overall bang for your buck.

Though the "job listing" is definitely unorthodox, it seems like Bonusfinder is committed to making this sort of opportunity A Thing. They've previously offered to pay people to test candy, not to mention ice cream and pumpkin pie.

No need to polish your resume, as the application itself only requires your name, email, state of residence, and a brief explanation about why you're the ideal professional binge watcher. Applications are open through February 12, and the winner "will be picked at random" shortly thereafter. The random part sounds kind of unfair, but then again, applying to a normal job online already feels like it's dictated by the cruelty of random chance, so I guess it's not that different.

Still, the chance to potentially get paid to do what you've already been doing for free for months is harder to pass up. May the best, laziest applicant win.

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