They're about one-third thinner than the original patty.

York Peppermint Patties are a super refreshing treat when you crave a dark chocolate, minty treat. Plus, the round candies give you delicious minty breath, so they'll be great to have on hand Valentine's Day if your sweetie will be around. You'll squash that sugary craving and get some great smelling (and tasting) breath while you're at it! (Wink, wink.)

The York Thins are the newest feature to the line up of thinner candy from Hershey's, which launched the new confection just in time for National Dark Chocolate Month (that's February, FYI). But don't let the smaller size fool you — it's the same smooth dark chocolate and cool mint pairing. Being a little thinner and smaller, they're perfect for single-serve snack time and sweet cravings, or you can of course polish off a couple in a sitting just because they are so darn good.

Each Thin is individually wrapped, and they are great for on-the-go and late-night sweet snacking when you want a little something sweet that won't weigh you down.

The York Thins are available nationwide in both a 3.4- and 7.2-ounce bag, with a retail price of $2.39 and $3.89, respectively. For an extra special treat, pop the bag in the freezer, and enjoy one of the patties ice cold. Ah, refreshing!

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