Y'all Need to Try Chef John's Mancakes and More Top-Rated Cornmeal Flapjacks

Southern food is a red hot trend, so, naturally, brunch faves are riding high on the new wave of popularity. Let's move cornmeal pancakes to the top of the must-try list of Southern cooking. These flapjacks are on the other end of the spectrum from their fluffy pancake cousins. They're hefty and substantial, which makes them a perfect partner for those traditional breakfast meats (bacon, sausage and ham), but also a good candidate for a more intensely flavored topping. Think barbecued pulled pork. Give 'em a try!

Johnny Cakes

Sometimes called hoe cakes or hot water cornbread, these savory golden gems are made with just five ingredients. Please pass the homemade syrup or some easy fruit jam.

Photo by Meredith.

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Chef John's Mancakes

For those adventurous cooks looking to take cornmeal pancakes to bigger, bolder place, there's Chef John's Mancakes. Crunchy bacon bits, cheddar and chopped scallions go into the batter for a truly beefy cake. Pro tip: Chef John suggests adding a pinch of chipotle pepper powder to warmed maple syrup for a wow finish.

More Meaty Goodness

Combine two amazing Southern food traditions by serving Slow Cooker Barbecued Pulled Pork tucked into cornmeal pancakes. These bad boys are sturdy enough so you could pick them up and eat this dish, taco-style. Mmmmmmm.

Pulled pork between cornmeal pancakes
Pulled pork between cornmeal pancakes | Photo by Meredith.

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