Finally, a treat you can share with your furry friend.
Credit: YaffBar

We've all been there. Unwrapping a delicious snack, only to be wracked with guilt as our dog looks on longingly. But the days of hiding in your cupboard to avoid your dog's looming gaze are over, thanks to YaffBar!

Made for both humans and dogs to enjoy eating, YaffBars are snack bars made with a base of brown rice crisps, fruit, and peanut butter. The exact mixture depends on which type of bar you choose, but each is baked with people and companion animals in mind. The bars are available in three flavors: P-Nutty Buddy, Blueberry Crisp, and Honey Cran Nutty.

Buy YaffBar 12-Packs:, $36

Our team (which consists of many dog lovers) tried two flavors of the YaffBar to see if their bite can live up to their bark.

Blueberry Crisp YaffBar

  • "Tastes a bit like a health bar, but has a good balance of chewy and crispy."
  • "Good! Never would have thought it was dog-friendly too. And vegan!"
  • "Not bad! Subtle flavor but good texture."

P-Nutty Buddy YaffBar

  • "Very similar to a Banana Bread Larabar. Pretty good."
  • "Tastes like a banana peanut butter sandwich from my childhood."
  • "I'd be more likely to give this to my dog, but it's a decent snack to keep on-hand."

The YaffBars are perfect for sharing with your dog on hikes, during long car trips, or just to have a sweet moment at home. Plus, you can feel good with your purchase since YaffBar donates one percent of proceeds to Golden Hugs Rescue, an organization based in New England that helps find dogs homes.

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