The World's Strongest Coffee is Some Serious Stuff

Holy never gonna sleep again, this brand of coffee is not messing around. With a tag line that reads "now is not the time to sleep," the not-at-all-subtly-named Black Insomnia serves up 702 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce cup. That's. A lot.

Have a home espresso machine? Make the world's strongest latte right in your own kitchen! | Photo by Black Insomnia.

Just for context, one shot of espresso has about 90 milligrams of caffeine and 12 ounces of regular black coffee has about 135 milligrams. Again, Black Insomnia has 702 milligrams. That gives me the jitters just thinking about it, and I'm not sure about you, but if I had a cup, I'd pretty much have to plan on being awake for the rest of my life.

One-pound bags can be purchased on Black Insomnia's site. Sale $19.99, regular $39.98. | Photo by Black Insomnia.

So, if you're working on a project that will take approximately eternity to finish, and you don't have a moment to spare, you have found your solution! You can purchase one pound bags of Black Insomnia—as well as other products—on their website, and it looks like you get your first bag for $19.99 (regular prices is 39.98).

If you're going for it, here are some tips for grinding your beans and brewing up the perfect pot. Stay safe out there!

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