Watch This, Drink That: 8 Classic Winter Movies Paired With Their Best Seasonal Sips

From milkshakes to martinis, these are the best pours to pair with a winter movie marathon.

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Harry and Sally. Jack and Rose. Forrest and Jenny. Certain iconic cinema duos go together like popcorn and butter. And we've designed these winter movie and drink pairings to match just as well! Inspired by scenes, menus or themes in the flicks, we've nominated a drink pairing so fitting, it might just be trophy-worthy. So grab a blanket and a seat on the couch and get cozy. There's little better — or more delicious — way to spend a chilly winter day than with a movie marathon!

The Best Drink Pairings For 8 Timeless Winter Movies

Oalf and Sven fighting for Olaf's nose on the ice
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Watch This: "Frozen"

Drink That: Vanilla Milkshake

White as snow and sweet as Elsa and Anna, this family-friendly dessert drink is an ideal sip to share while watching the 2013 Disney classic. You likely have everything you need to blend up a batch of Vanilla Milkshakes without Ice Cream in your kitchen already. Or for a more classic option, try Vanilla Milkshake I. Then to hint at snow, garnish with some icy-looking sprinkles such as Manvscakes Let it Snow Sprinkle Medley ($13.95 for 8 ounces;

Bill Murray runs through the snow in a scene from the film 'Groundhog Day',
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Watch This: "Groundhog Day"

Drink That: A Pitcher of Coffee

With February 2 on repeat, day after day begins at the breakfast table. Phil and Rita share a cozy table topped with a wide variety of breakfast items, including pancakes, bacon and eggs, cakes, donuts, and coffee. Frustrated that he has to relive the day once again, Phil chugs coffee directly from a pitcher in one unforgettable scene. While you don't have to drink it straight from the pitcher, pouring individual mugs of perfectly-brewed coffee or cold brew from the pitcher makes for a playful nod to the on-screen action.

Kid cast from the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe
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Watch This: "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"

Drink That: Tea

Another a.m.-appropriate drink — tea — is an ideal match for this book-turned-movie. Tea is actually quite a star amidst Narnia's food landscape. For example, the first meal Lucy shares with Mr. Tumnus the faun is a classic British tea. The kids also receive hot tea from talking beavers, and when the White Witch is chasing them on Christmas morning, Father Christmas appears with a pot of tea. Before you queue up the movie, stock up on a box of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Black Tea ($5.79 for 20; or Tazo Tea 10-Flavor Sampler ($12.99 for 20;

Still image from The Shinning movie, Jack Nicholson sitting at the bar
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Watch This: "The Shining"

Drink That: Syrah

Dark and brooding like this psychological thriller, Syrah (AKA Shiraz) makes a fitting partner for this 1980 classic. If you use your imagination, its hue looks frighteningly similar to blood. Uncork a bottle of Boom Boom! Syrah Red Wine by Charles Smith ($17.99; or Penfolds Shiraz ($12.99; to help calm everyones' nerves during Stanley Kubrick's spooky adaptation of Stephen King's novel by the same name.

Still image from the movie Cool Runnings, of the team and coach gathered around the bobsled.
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Watch This: "Cool Runnings"

Drink That: Protein Shake

With the Beijing winter Olympics right around the corner (mark your calendar for February 4 through 20, 2022), this family-friendly 1993 flick is a gold choice for this season. The plot centers around Derice, a Jamaican sprinter who was disqualified from the summer games, who then rallies a coach and crew of athletes to create the first-ever Jamaican bobsled team to compete at the winter games. Fuel up for all the fitness-focused action with a muscle-building drink like this five-star Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Protein Shake or a tropical-tasting Spiced Mango Protein Smoothie.

Landscape still of the Grand Budapest Hotel
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Watch This: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Drink That: Any classic cocktail

Wes Anderson's beloved 2014 dramedy focuses on Monsieur Gustave H., a dandy of a concierge at a mountainside resort hotel in Zubrowka (a fictionalized country). So, for this winter movie pairing, we suggest a cocktail recipe that you might find on a classic hotel bar menu. Whether you prefer shaken or stirred sips, you can't go wrong with a rye-based Monte Carlo Cocktail, a whiskey Old Fashioned Cocktail or an olive juice-spiked, gin-forward Dirty Blues Martini.

Mumble the penguin from Happy Feet
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Watch This: "Happy Feet"

Drink That: Root Beer Float

This drink pairing offers plenty of energy to make everyone watching this 2006 Warner Bros. animated hit tap dance with as much verve as the penguin star, Mumble! As Mumble struggles to find his voice — since the penguins find their mates via song — he dances up a storm on the ice. You'll want to join hum once you dive into a Gourmet Root Beer Float. Like a glacier floating on the ocean, the scoop of ice cream swims atop the soda...until you scoop and slurp it up!

Movie still from While you Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Peter Gallagher
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Watch This: "While You Were Sleeping"

Drink That: Prosecco

Spoiler alert! This 1995 romance flick ends with Lucy getting married to one of the Callaghan brothers and embarking on a honeymoon to Florence, Italy. So, as you laugh, cry and "aww" through the love story, raise a glass to their nuptials with some Italian-made bubbly, such as Josh Rosé Prosecco D.O.C. ($14.99; or La Vostra Prosecco ($11.49;

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