Looking to jazz up your gluten-free sauces and baked goods? Try wine flour (also sold as grapeseed flour), which is made with milled grape seeds and skins and being sold by small producers on the West and East Coasts. Besides adding subtle bursts of flavor, you'll also be ramping up the antioxidants, protein, and fiber content of your dishes. Try adding it to a savory spaghetti sauce, macaroni and cheese, or with basically anything that you'd bake up with chocolate — picture cozying up to a plate of red wine brownies with a glass of red wine on the side.

Wine flour
Photo courtesy of Finger Lakes Wine

When you're ready to experiment, you can order wine and grapeseed flours online from places like New York's Finger Lakes Wine Flour, Washington's Apresvin and California's Food & Vine (as well as major online retailers like Amazon).

Finger Lakes wine flour founder, Hilary Niver-Johnson, explained to Decanter that these types of flours, while incredibly versatile and beautiful, are meant to be used as supplements to your other flours of choice. She also revealed some of her favorite flavor combinations. "We've paired Merlot [flour] with strawberry dishes, Cabernet Sauvignon with blackberry, Cabernet Franc with blueberry, Gewurztraminer with peach, Riesling with Apple, Red Blend with triple berry and Pinot Noir with cherry,'" she told the publication.