By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Lots of wine after bedtime at your place? Here are five ideas for your growing collection of corks (a.k.a., evidence).

Corks via Meredith Creative Library

Make homemade stamps

Corks + x-acto knife = custom cutouts for all your stamping needs.

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Make sailboats

Ahoy there! Who knew a whole new adventure awaits for last week's wine?

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Make a paint dabber for artwork

Who needs dab paints when wine corks will serve just as well for dot art? Shamrocks, Christmas trees, Jack-o-lanterns, all in your bailiwick, now.

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Make woodland creatures

With a glue gun and various scraps and buttons in the mix, your new menagerie is within reach.

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Make ornaments

Trim your Christmas tree, stockings, gifts, or even bottles of wine with personalized cork crafts like this friendly neighborhood snowman.

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Happy crafting!