The sale will end May 11, so hurry to save.

By Isadora Baum
May 08, 2020
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Le Creuset Cast-Iron Rectangular Skinny Grill
Credit: Williams Sonoma

As days grow warmer, we begin to itch for outdoor cooking season, when we can fire up our grills and smokers and let the gift of time, smoke, and flames did beautiful work to so many tremendous foods like burgers, steak, and veggies. But if it's still too cold for a barbecue or you live in a home without the space for one, a grilling pan for indoor cooking can be the next best thing. And for more incentive to become an indoor griller, Le Creuset's popular Cast Iron Rectangular Skinny Grill is on a major flash sale until Monday, May 11. Cooking on a grill pan may not produce as much smoke or flame as an outdoor grill (that's a positive thing), but you can still get a delicious sear on burgers, dogs, veggie kebabs, and so much more.

The rectangular grill pan, which comes in nine iconic Le Creuset colors, is currently marked down to $80-90, depending on the color you want; it's normally priced at $185. That's 43 percent off, making it a steal of a deal.

The grill is dishwasher safe (the cast iron doesn't requires seasoning either), slender enough to fit over a single burner on the stovetop or outdoor grill (even induction), and it's super durable with a porcelain-enameled exterior. Plus, the cast iron is great for absorbing and distributing heat evenly, giving you a perfect sear on a piece of chicken or onion slice. Just shy of 16 inches long, this pan measures 8 1/2 inches wide. It'll fit nicely in your kitchen cabinet.

Buy it: $80-90;

There's even more exciting news, though, and a reason for this great sale. Le Creuset is introducing a new Skinny Grill model, and it's part of the Le Creuset Spring Cookware Event at Williams Sonoma, too. Originally listed for $185, the brand-new grill is marked down to just $100. This new grill pan will soon be an indispensable part of your kitchen, as reviewer Susanc can attest. "We use this almost every day for meat and veggies. Stores easily and takes up less space than old grilling pans," they wrote.

Measuring 15 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide, which will be smaller than a half-sheet pan, you can grill up whatever creations you like in a matter of minutes and with ease. The handles on this new dish have been redesigned for easier grabbing with thick oven mitts, too, and taller ridges keep food away from drippings. You'll get prettier, more distinct sear marks on your food, too.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Skinny Grill
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Buy it: Le Creuset Cast Iron Skinny Grill, $100 (usually $185)

While you can't go wrong with either the original Rectangular Skinny Grill or the new Skinny Grill, you can also score another steal on Le Creuset's Signature Cast Iron Square Grill Pan. It is marked down to $145, from an original $185-290, depending on features. The square grill pan is ideal if you're cooking just a few pieces of tofu, poundcake, or veggie kebabs. No need to bring out the larger grill. It's also dishwasher safe with a black enamel interior that requires no seasoning.

Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Buy it: Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan, $145 (usually $185-290)

But of course, these discounted deals are only a small portion of a very big Le Creuset sale at Williams Sonoma. Your best bet is to browse the site, add to your shopping cart, and upgrade your kitchen equipment for a delicious summer and lots of home cooking to come..