Get ready for the best chicken you've ever tasted.

Trader Joe's mission is to make life easier and more delicious and that's never been more true than with its spatchcock chicken, a pre-marinated bird available in the meat section. It's quick, easy and quite possibly the tastiest chicken I've ever pulled out of my oven. Here are five reasons you need to get your hands on one.

650 x 465 raw in the package photo by Leslie Kelly
Photo by Leslie Kelly

1. Skip the Snipping

This clever spatchcocking technique for butchering a bird so it lays flat is intimidating to most cooks, even seasoned pros. (Chef John demos it in his Brick Chicken video, see below.) Skip the step of cutting out the backbone when purchasing the already spatchcocked chicken. Expect more butchers to copycat this type of prepped product. Because it's brilliant!

2. It Cooks Quickly

One huge advantage to spatchcocking is that it takes less time to cook. Count on dinner being ready in a little more than an hour.

102696142 spatchcocked chicken by Meredith
Photo by Meredith

3. The Brine Makes it Ultra-Juicy

Brining or marinating any kind of meat infuses flavor and makes for a tender, juicy texture. But soaking in brine takes time. This genius product comes already seasoned, ready to pop in the oven.

4. There's Extra Time to Step Up Your Side Dish Game

Because there's virtually no prep involved in getting this ridiculously delicious chicken in the oven, why not spend a little extra time making some Perfect Mashed Potatoes (see video below) or fine-tune that Caesar, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, or make it part of a sheet pan dinner.

5. Leftovers Make Amazing Stock

Use the bones to simmer up a quick and tasty chicken stock, or beef it up by adding a few wings to create a bone broth that just might help you heal more quickly during the cold and flu season. While these spatchcock chickens cost a little bit more than a whole bird, coming up with homemade stock ups its value.

Homemade Chicken Stock
Photo by Meredith

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