Don't let the name fool you. A fish spatula is one of the most versatile tools in any kitchen.
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I don't know who named the fish spatula, but I think they may have secretly hated the tool. Why else would you give such a versatile tool such a limiting name? I can't think of a valid reason. Luckily, I'm here to let you know that despite its PR nightmare of a name, a fish spatula is one of the best kitchen tools you can add to your arsenal, whether or not you're interested in consuming more seafood.

But how is this spatula any better than my regular spatula, you might be wondering. I'll tell you. First off, it is made of a thin, flexible metal, that's angled just so — which makes it better for getting under things. Things like fish, sure, but also like pancakes and chicken thighs and pieces of tofu... you get the idea. That thin edge is helpful for slipping underneath things, especially if they're a little stuck to the pan, or if you're trying to get all the way underneath something like a fried egg or pancake in order to flip it.

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Another key difference you'll notice in a fish spatula is that it's slotted: the columns of metal have plenty of space in between them, which means that it works for frying or even stirring pasta, allowing the excess oil or water to drain as you pull a chicken thigh from hot oil or turn potatoes over as they get crispy.

fish spatula

Even if you're not frying, the fish spatula is a lifesaver. Crisping ground beef in a pot before deglazing with red wine? Great news: a fish spatula is the perfect tool to make sure you get all those flavorful, delicious bits (those bits are technically called fond, but "delicious bits" pretty much tells you everything you need to know, don't you think?) out of the bottom of the skillet. Finally, if you're cooking chicken thighs, a griddled sandwich, or (of course) fish, the flexible metal of the spatula is ideal for pressing down to make sure you achieve maximum contact with the pan and get the crispiest, most delicious meal you could have dreamed up. Are you convinced yet? Go get yourself a spatula.