Why Can't You Call Your Local Aldi Store?

Find out the real reason the grocery chain goes unlisted.

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One of the best parts about shopping at Aldi, besides the exceptional products and prices, of course, is that Aldi looks out for its customers. The grocery chain is known for cutting back on unnecessary spending if that means it'll save its customers money in the long run.

That's the main reason why you have to "rent" your shopping cart for 25 cents and bag your own groceries. This saves Aldi from having to hire extra staff just to retrieve lost buggies in the parking lot or pack your grocery bags. Fewer employees mean fewer paychecks, thus Aldi has extra wiggle room to keep its prices competitively low.

Cutting costs is also why you can't call your local Aldi store.

Why You Can't Call Your Local Aldi

When you search for your specific Aldi location on Aldi's site, you'll find all the information you need about the store, except a phone number. However, if you Google your Aldi store, you'll likely see the number (855) 955-2534 listed in Google's business information. The catch is, this number is listed for every Aldi store in the U.S.

That's because your local store doesn't actually have a phone number that customers can call. And, if you do call that number, you won't be connected to anyone that works at your Aldi store or Aldi in general. Instead, you'll hear this automated message:

"Thank you for contacting Aldi U.S. Due to our limited store staffing, the phone numbers for our stores are unlisted. This is part of our savings model that allows us to pass on significant savings to our customers. To learn more about Aldi U.S. or to contact Aldi customer service, please visit our website at www.aldi.us. Thank you."

Aldi doesn't allow its customers to call the stores because, just like with the shopping carts and grocery bagging, it would require extra manpower. If one employee had to run to grab the phone every time a customer wanted to know if grapes were on sale this week, that's one less employee who could restock the shelves or work the checkout line. So, instead of hiring an extra body at every store, which would ultimately cost customers more, Aldi skips the phones altogether.

How to Contact Aldi

That's not to say that Aldi doesn't want to help its customers, but most of the basic questions customers call to ask—like store hours and what's in the weekly ad—can be found on Aldi's site. If you have a question that can't be answered on the FAQs page or another concern, you can still contact Aldi's customer service via email.

So, sure, you can't call Aldi to ask if your favorite Aldi Find is still in stock, but we think it's worth it for the extra dollars you save on every trip to the store.

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